SK-ST01IB01-TC-UK-03 tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (V3) Deals

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Tado SK-ST01IB01-TC-UK-03 Product Details:

Product Name: tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (V3)

Product Category: On-Camera Monitors in Cameras & Optics

Manufacturer: Tado

Product Features :

  • 1. Tado shows you how warm it is at home, when your heating is on and how much you are saving. It also lets you control the heating from wherever you are 1
  • 2. Tado uses the residents' locations to control the heating. Saves when nobody is at home and heats when the first person heads back 2
  • 3. Tado? cuts your heating bill by up to 31% 3
Product Description :

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