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London Hearing Specialist is the leading independent provider of hearing care and ear wax removal in London. Visit us to book an appointment.

London Hearing Specialist is one of the leading independent providers of hearing care and ear wax removal.

Established by Audiologist Anshul Morjaria, London Hearing Specialists philosophy is to provide all patients with a tailored solution, using the very best equipment combined with cutting edge technology. Coupled with great clinical standards and a human touch.

During this appointment, we will configure the hearing aids to your prescription and run a series of tests to make sure the devices are working at their optimum performance and you can hear all the benefits. We will carry out fine tuning on your hearing aids using our advanced software.

Ear wax consists of:

1. Dust, debris & foreign objects
2. Old skin cells
3. Oily secretions from glands in the ear canal

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